for English in Public Communication students


  1. Introduction

English in Public Communication students attending regular (full time) and extramural (part time) courses at Opole University are obliged to participate in internships lasting minimum 90 hours in total. The internship is organised from June till September for at least four consecutive weeks, five days a week (from Monday to Friday), for a minimum of five hours a day. During the internship a student is not granted any financial remuneration for the work performed. In exceptional cases there is an option to attend an alternative form of internship in an academic year.


  1. Aims

Internship should enable students to use their knowledge of conventions in public communication and  provide them with opportunities to practice and develop their English in a professional environment. During the internship students are required to develop their problem-solving skills, information gathering and information processing skills, as well as submitting information in both written and oral forms following ethical principles. Additionally, students should be encouraged to participate in cooperative tasks. The acquired skills should facilitate students’ employment in mass media, tourist industry, publishing, education and service sectors which require a good level of language, communicative competence and awareness of culture differences.

Internship should confirm the following educational effects pertaining to knowledge, skills and  social competences: having a basic knowledge of social, political and cultural institutions, collaborating with others to prepare projects, presentations or texts in English that can be publicized out of class, recognizing priorities and objectives in individual and group assignments, being able to discern and handle ethical problems and conflicts of interests in the contexts of professional life, and being responsible and reliable as a member of a team and a society.


  1. Student’s duties during internship

During their internship, Student is obliged to

  • attend an Information Meeting organised by the internship coordinator appointed by the authorities of Institute of English at Opole University (if there is a necessity to organise it);
  • download and print the documents required for getting a credit for internship (Internship Evaluation Form, Internship Schedule of Weekly Duties);
  • appear on the first day of internship in a given place at least half an hour earlier than the beginning of the regular working time;
  • be punctual and observe working hours indicated either by the employer or the internship supervisor;
  • work in the place appointed for at least five hours a day – as long as the employer does not decide otherwise (working hours should be 25 hours minimum per week);
  • perform the assigned duties diligently in a professional manner, know and follow required internal rules and regulations, for example safety rules, or code of conduct;
  • strictly follow the instructions of the internship supervisor, employer and any other person responsible for organization of work during internship in the firm/company/institution;
  • keep records connected with duties and responsibilities performed throughout the duration of internship by providing a detailed description of thereof in Internship Schedule of Weekly Duties (including dates, timing and specification of duties);
  • submit the above-mentioned documents, i.e. Internship Schedule of Weekly Duties (approved by the employer) and Internship Evaluation Form, to the internship coordinator by the end of the semester in which the internship takes place, unless a different deadline for submission is assigned.
  • inform the internship coordinator about finalising their internship (either via e-mail or any other way established earlier)


  1. Final remarks

Any other issues not covered by these guidelines will be settled on a regular basis by the authorities of Institute of English at Opole University, the internship coordinator or any other parties appointed for that purpose. Institute of English authorities also reserve the right to change these guidelines if any unforeseen circumstances occur during the academic year.


Files to download:

Podanie_o_praktykę w innym terminie

Podanie_o_praktykę zagranicą

Podanie_o_zaliczenie praktyki na podst pracy_stażu_wolontariatu


2017_Internship_guidelines_EPC (update)



2017_Instrukcja_organizacji_praktyki-zawodowej_EPC (update)



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